MSF Donates Fuel to the European Hospital which is one of the biggest Public Hospitals in Gaza

April 25, 2010

MSF Donates Fuel to the European Hospital which is one of the biggest Public Hospitals in Gaza

MSF donated 17 000 liters of fuel to Gaza European Hospital in Gaza whose activities were on the verge of a complete stop.

The Gaza European Hospital, in the southern part of the strip, is one of the biggest public health structure in the Gaza strip. This hospital had already preventively closed all its services with the exception of the ICU and laboratory.

On April 15t, 2010, five International organizations, including MSF, were alerted on a severe shortage of fuel that could eventually prevent provision of health services by the public facilities.

The fuel donated, last Sunday, was subsequent to a request of the Gaza Health authorities, MSF replied to it in 24 hours by MSF. This donation will allow the hospital to be run for a period of 10 to 15 days.

The economic embargo imposed by Israel, which was tightened in 2008, has severe consequences on the Health System. Power cuts have been frequent in Gaza and fuel reserves are regularly at dangerously low level. The shortage of fuel pushes Gazans to use in their homes, generators and smuggled gaz bottles. The recurrent bad quality of the smuggled gaz bottles is a cause of an increasing numbers of severely burn cases treated by the Gaza health authorities and MSF.

According to the Gaza‘s Health Authorities, every month, the public health structures need 350 000 liters to run their hospital. The situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate more than a year after the Israeli military operation. The majority of the population lives under the poverty line.

MSF employs 107 Palestinian staff working in the Gaza strip and 5 volunteers from other nationalities. MSF has been present since 2000 in the Gaza Strip.

MSF is a private medical organization, independent of political, religious and economic objectives. In Occupied Palestinian Territories, MSF does not accept funding from any government and relies solely on private donations from the general public from all over the world to carry out its medical work.

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