South Sudan: Hepatitis E outbreak, Batil camp, Maban county

February 13, 2013

South Sudan: Hepatitis E outbreak, Batil camp, Maban county © Corinne Baker

Mariam* is 22 years old and has recently been discharged from Batil hospital after spending nearly a month in the Hepatitis E ward. When she was first admitted, Mariam was pregnant and also suffering from malaria. She fell into a coma for a week and during that time tragically miscarried. After this, she came out of the coma and was doing better when she suddenly went into renal failure. Her body completely swelled up, adding 15 kilograms to her tiny 40 kilogram frame. She was treated in the hospital for another few weeks and is now recovering well. Mariam’s husband tells their story…..

“We arrived in Maban in May last year. We left our home in Bau in Blue Nile because of the fighting. We didn’t have any guns so that’s why we ran. We walked for 11 days with 14 other families to reach the border crossing where we spent another ten days before being taken to Batil camp.

When we arrived in Batil, it was good, but now it’s not good because the sickness has started. My first wife was sick and then Mariam [my second wife] and I also became sick, all with the yellow eyes. When Mariam first got sick in December, we didn’t know what was happening. She was crying and crying because her body was too hot. Her eyes became yellow and her urine became red. She was pregnant when the sickness started so I brought her to the hospital. She was not responding to anything, just laying there. The sickness caused the baby to come out.

My tent is not far from the hospital so I slept there at night and every morning I came to see Mariam. I now see that Mariam is good and I feel happy. I want to have more children, I need to. If the fighting stops, we will go back to Bau. But I have heard that the fighting is still going on, so we will stay here.”

*name has been changed to protect patient privacy


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