Chronicles of a Surgery: Thoracic surgery for TB patients in Armenia

24 Sep 2018
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Lung surgery is not available for TB patients in Armenia...

MSF, together with the Ministry of Health, has organised a mission to perform thoracic surgery on six tuberculosis patients. This highly complex operation is intended to improve the chances of long-term cure for patients whose lungs have been severely damaged by drug-resistant tuberculosis, or who are at high risk of relapse.

The series follows one of these patients, Aram. (Name has been changed.)

Episode 1

Aram recounts the first signs of illness, his disbelief when diagnosed with drug-resistant TB and his doubts as to whether to have surgery or not.

Episode 2

Aram, 25, meets the surgeon, Dr Sauer, who has just arrived from France. Aram also tells us that he's recently met a girl but, frightened of her reaction, he didn't want tell her he was having TB-related surgery.

Episode 3

Aram's family have come to the hospital to spend the last few hours preceding his surgery with him.

Episode 4

Dr. Sauer explains the operation he's about to undertake, as well as the benefits and risks of this particularly difficult operation. And Aram's mother shares her hope and fears.

Episode 5

Was the surgery successful?

Cover photo: MSF

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