Architect Construction logistician

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  • Architects must be fully qualified architects.
  • The construction-logistician must hold a diploma in construction, construction engineering or construction site supervision.


  • 2 years working experience
  • Architects : Previous experience in monitoring building projects is essential and experience as a project manager is a plus.
  • Both posts require substantial prior experience while knowledge of medical facilities is a plus.
  • supervisory and/or training expertise is a definite plus


  • 6 months minimum


  • English level B1

The architect and the construction logistician are responsible for refurbishing and building health facilities and any other constructions MSF may need for its programmes, such as accommodation, offices, pharmacies and warehouses, etc.

The architect defines and formulates projects in compliance with the operational objectives of the programme, which requires taking into account medical and technical constraints in order to draw up a preliminary and then a detailed project proposal. The architect is authorised to sign off on plans.

The architect and the construction logistician

  • draft specifications for tenders, follow-up on offers, oversee and sign off on completion of construction projects or
  • Themselves recruit, train and supervise workmen and oversee and sign off on completion of construction projects.
  •  They draw up plans and file requests for building permits to the relevant authorities and
  • are also responsible for tracking the financial and budgetary aspects of the works.


  • Management of the equipment required by the project: procurement, installation, maintenance and supervision of constrution equipment

  • Organisation of the project's infrastructure: construction and refurbishment works

  • Supervising and training logistics teams and locally employed and/or international personnel.

  • Working with the medical teams and project coordinator to define the operational strategies and logistical objectives of the project.


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