Field Communications Manager

Field Communications Manager




  • At least four years' expérience in communications or journalism;
  • At least 12 months professional experience in developing countries or in instable contexts;
  • Expérience producing communications content;
  • Professional experience with MSF or other international NGOs in developing countries
  • Experience in an international environment;
  • Advanced knowledge of social networks ans proficiency in digital management tools (including community management;
  • Management experience;
  • Diplomacy negociation skills;
  • Basic audiovisual skills (photography, video, editing);


  • Working knowledge of English (C1 level minimum)


  • 6 to 12 months

Ability to work in a multicultural and multitasking environment


Field Communications Managers define, manage and develop MSF’s communications activities in the country of intervention. They are the main interlocutor for media and digital communities.


1. Strategic communication

In collaboration with operational coordinators and Communications teams at HQ, the Field Communications Manager has the following responsibilities :

  • Identify opportunities to communicate based on MSF operations and context news (humanitarian, social, security updates, etc.) within the country

  • Propose and define a strategy for each identified topic: objective, target audience, tools, etc.

  • Deploy communication activities within the country

  • Feed MSF regional offices with communications about their country of intervention

  • When necessary, coordinate emergency or crisis communications


2. Production and dissemination of communication tools
The Field Communication Manager defines and produces communication tools and channels that are adapted to each communication initiative :

  • Produce and/or coordinate the production of written, video, photography content in coordination with MSF offices and creative content units, or by outsourcing to local producers (journalists, videographers, graphic designers, etc.)

  • Contribute to HQ-led communications initiatives (written or video content production, activity reports, multi-country projects, etc.)

  • Provide technical support to field teams in producing institutional communication tools (MSF presentation documents, activity reports, etc.) and operation updates (health promotion, patient information, etc.)

  • Manage MSF social network accounts in country (produce and disseminate content, moderation, etc.)

  • Monitor news and social media, especially during emergencies or in the framework of a crisis management unit.


3. Press relations
The Field Communications Manager is the key focal point for the media in the country of intervention :

  • Monitor and analyze news outlets in the country

  • Keep a list of local, national and international media contacts, and keep regular contact with them

  • Produce and disseminate tools to the media, such as press releases, reactive lines, op-eds, etc. When necessary, organize briefings and press conferences

  • Organize and facilitate interviews with MSF spokespeople and give them the opportunity to speak out. When necessary, provide media training

  • Facilitate national and international media visits to MSF project locations.

4. Manage Communication Resources
Under the supervision of operational coordinators, the Field Communication Manager ensures the availability and good use of communications resources in the country :

  • Identify needs in human resources

  • Select, support, train and supervise collaborators when possible (country communication officers, audiovisual producers, digital officers, etc.)

  • Build and manage the annual communication budget

  • Produce annual activity reports.