• a minimum of 18 months in the field with another international NGO, including 12 months as an international project logistician and a minimum of 12 months experience as a logistic coordinator. They need experience with different types of projects/countries/contexts, including at least one experience during an emergency intervention.


  • 12 months minimum


  • english proficiency (C1 level)
  • knowledge of other languages (French, Arabic, others) is an asset


  • competent in various technical or logistical areas: supply, transport, stock management, mechanics, Watsan, electricity, IT, radio coms, construction, etc.
  • good understanding of information management tools and project management experience are essential
  • the ability to organize and prioritize work is a must
  • able to work in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams

The Logistic Coordinator (Log Co) defines and implements technical strategies and logistics for MSF's field programs. They assure the pertinence and coherence of the logistic programs, the process of implementation and that the programs respect the norms and the protocols of MSF's logistic department.Their purpose is to ensure the optimal running of the medical program.


  • Define and implement the annual project activity plan (budgets, action plans, etc.)

  • Advise the Head of Mission on the technical and logistical needs based on the project's objectives, priorities and resources.

  • Monitor the technical and logistical activities (construction and repair, medical and non-medical supply and stock management, water and sanitation, vehicles and motors, installations and equipment maintenance, etc.) to ensure that MSF policies and protocols are followed.

  • Ensure that HR policies are followed in all areas linked to HR (recruitment, training, briefing/debriefing, performance evaluation, development, professional behavior and communication among staff) to be sure you have the required human resources, adequately trained, to do the necessary job.

  • Provide technical support and coaching as needed to the project logisticians

  • Provide and install all equipment necessary to ensure adequate living and working conditions for the project.

  • Ensure the proper use and maintenance of technology (computers, software, firewalls, etc.) and communication equipment.

  • Define and ensure the implementation of risk reduction guidelines: communications, transportation, etc. Identify and prepare the technical aspects of the mission's security guidelines, evacuation plan and contingency plan. Ensure the daily application of the guidelines, informing the Head of Mission of any issues. Develop an information sharing network to update people on the security situation.The Log Co is in charge of security when the Head of Mission is not present.

  • Assure a permanent means of communication (including both phone numbers and frequencies) between the capital, the projects, the bases and the headquarters. Ensure that all project staff has received adequate training on how to use the communication equipment available (satellite phone, HF/VHF radios, computers, etc.)

  • Represent MSF in meetings with the authorities and other NGOs on questions relating to logistics or that are technical in nature.

  • Produce situation reports on the progress of the mission or on logistic or technical activities, including identifying necessary improvements.