Paediatric and Neonatal Nurse

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  • Has a state nursing diploma
  • Asset: Qualification in pediatric and/or neonatal nursing


  • Qualified nurse with a minimum of 5 years’ total experience (excluding internships) including two years working in a hospital in two different wards, respectively:


  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in Special Care Nursery or Newborn Unit
  • Experience in neonatal resuscitation
  • Experience in recognition and management of common neonatal issues such as prematurity, hypoxemia, and hypothermia
  • Experience in identification of severe neonatal issues such as sepsis and asphyxia 


  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in acute medical/surgical paediatrics
  • Experience in paediatric emergency management and resuscitation
  • significant experience in coaching or teaching or engagement in institutional committees
  • an experience or a trip of at least 1 month in a tropical environment


  • 6 or 9 months


  • English proficiency (B1 level)


  • 5+ years neonatal experience post-qualification
  • Experience in both paediatrics and neonates
  • Experience in additional areas –particularly NICU, PICU, Obstetrics, Paediatric Emergency Department
  • Experience with CPAP/HFNC
  • an experience with another NGO
  • a degree in tropical medicine
  • an associative commitment in a humanitarian organization

Médecins Sans Frontières has specialized projects focusing on neonates and paediatrics and mixed projects with children of all ages. We need paediatric nurses, neonatal nurses, and in some contexts , both skills are required. In the field our settings vary greatly, ranging from high capacity settings with CPAP capabilities to more basic units with minimal possible intervention (O2 and IV therapy only). All of our projects are supported by medical and nursing paediatric advisors and very clear guidelines and protocols.

Activities may include:

  • Follow the management of the pharmacy, including overseeing and monitoring the rational use of medicines and the proper administration of treatment
  • Participate in the roster and HR management of the team
  • Monitor adherence to hygiene and IPC (Infection Prevention and Control)
  • Train, supervise and support local staff in the upgrading of their pediatric/neonatal skills
  • Set up and manage a newborn or paediatric unit
  • Provide clinical “hands-on” care for unwell or severely ill children and neonates
  • Provide theoretical and clinical trainings on paediatric and neonatal nursing procedures and assessments  
  • Implementing cares such as Kangaroo Mother Care